Voting Solution

2023/03 222

Complete Election Solution

Leading in secure election technology


1- Touch Screen for Voting

2- Confirm and Cancel Button

3- Ballot Receipt Box to store voting receipts and election reports

4- ID Card Reader for identity verification

5- Fingerprint Reader for identity verification

6- Rechargeable Battery to avoid sudden power failure

7- Direct Power Supply and I/O Ports

8- Handle Bars

Electronic Voting Processes

Activation before Voting:

There are two or more government officials in a polling station. Each of them has an authorization card. The officials swipe the card and enter password to activate voting system. An initial report of the polling unit will be printed before voting. The report shows zero votes of all candidates. The officials will sign the initial report with fingerprints in order to make the voting process transparent.

EVM will be locked and keys will be taken by officials.

Voting Process:

After the identity verification through ID card or Fingerprint reader, the voter can select the candidate whom they support from the graphical interface.

For each selection, prompt box pops up. Voter can easily Confirm or Cancel to select again or even abstention.

The result of the voting will be printed automatically and the receipt will be stored in a locked metallic ballot box for audit or votes counting by authorized officials at the end of voting procedure.

After Voting:

When the voting is finished, the EVM will provide 2 methods of voting results;

One is electronic data and another is paper based receipts.

The officials will terminate the voting process by authorization card.

Officials touch statistical menu to get electronic voting result. Based on this result, EVM can print several reports.

The encrypted data can be transferred to authorized data centers. It can also be copied to encrypted smart card then submitted to the data center if under offline status. All officials will sign and press fingerprint on the reports. The voting receipts and all signed voting reports will be kept as hard copies for election audit.


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