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2021/10 2682

From Public Security Emergency Response to Centralized medical deployment for public health events ; from Insurance industry on-site processing work to Outbound work on tax issues,Rugged computers are necessary tools for public affairs processing.

To combat potential physical hazards to on-the-go computing, Zonerich introduces a smart rugged terminal that can resist the bumps and bruises of mobility better than standard-issue portables. Along with that, Magnesium-Aluminium body protects it from severe weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Zonerich has applied Edge-data processing technology to this range of terminals

  • Increased speed and reduced latency. Deploying data processing and analytics to the edge helps speed up system response, thereby accelerating transactions and enhancing the experience.

  • Higher reliability. There is a limit to the amount of data that can be transmitted by the network in a single pass. For locations with poor network connectivity, the ability to store and process data at the edge improves reliability in the event of a cloud connection outage.

  • Enhanced security. From software to hardware, Zonerich Rugged Computer employs an edge computing solution that limits and encrypts data transmission over the network, thereby improving data security.

Nowadays, there’s a growing trend towards faster processors in rugged computers to offer better and broader use, and the ability to bring desktop functionality out into the field. The new computers of today are much lighter and have much better functionality overall, including better displays and improved ergonomic design – all contributing to an improved user experience.


Zonerich has offered so many modules in a single compact device that makes it a perfect fit for any kind of organization. Starting from citizens’ verification by using top notch facial recognition cameras, fingerprint scanning, voice recognition to documents authenticity or printing out any particular document, this device can be your smart assistant anywhere and anytime.

Rugged computers are specifically developed for use in all kinds of tough environments where the user is working outside a protected office environment, such as the geomatics industry, logistics, forestry, public transportation, construction, mining, field service, utilities, maintenance, public safety, military and security.


Zonerich’s philosophy is to market those products that customers want at the right price while at the same time applying solid business sense to ensure that it’s applicability will be around for decades to come. Even during the toughest year of the latest Pandemic crisis, Zonerich’s R&D team developed two new products and continued to grow.

This type of devices can be widely used by entry-exit administration department of any country, airports, police, arm forces, traffic police, tax administration or for any department that requires a highly secured, rugged and easily portable device. Any kind of customization can be done by Zonerich according to its esteemed customers’ requirements.

Following number of modules are the main advantages that makes our device unique;

· Dual touch rotatable screens with stylus

· Long-lasting battery for backup

· High end camera with facial recognition

· OCR scanner with 3-levels dimmable lights in order to scan

every kind of documents even can scan from mobile screen

· Fingerprint scanner for biometric verification

· Integrated Bluetooth keyboard

· ID card reader

. A4 printer

. Label printer

. Numerous communication ports and much more.

Click the link down below for more details:

Dual-screen Rugged Computer with Magnesium Alloy ZQ-NT1110

Rugged Computer with built-in Label printer with Magnesium Alloy ZQ-NP1180

Rugged Computer with A4 printer and with Magnesium Alloy ZQ-NT1210


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