Zonerich trademark interpretation and company culture


At the beginning, the company's goal was to focus on the field of commercial cash register equipment, and the English names Zonerich : "ZONE" and "RICH" mean "field" and "rich" respectively, Which are related to commercial cash register equipment.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the main global manufacturers of commercial cash registers were Toshiba, Casio, Omron and other brands in Japan. Zonerich trademark has the symbolic meaning of competing with Japanese products.

Pictogram: It is taken from the pictogram of hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world. The hummingbird is characterized by fast flapping wings and fast speed and long-lasting flight, which means that the company will develop rapidly and innovatively to achieve long-term high-quality development in the field of commercial equipment and become a century-old brand.

Company business philosophy: market demand-oriented, economic benefits as the center, integrity, sound management of the company to maximize the interests of the company, employees and shareholders.

Service philosophy: integrity-based, customer first.

Corporate Mission: To continuously deliver high quality products and services to the society and make users' work and life easier.

Corporate Vision: To achieve long-term high-quality development and become a century-old brand.

Core Values: Integrity, diligence, progress, innovation.


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