Zonerich Printer Driver Universal version

2023/11 2960

Zonerich.7119 Printer Driver for most zonerich's thermal printers, matrix printers, mobile printers, and POS printers.

The zonerich thermal printer driver is a special printer driver for thermal printers.

Thermal printers use thermal paper as the print medium and selectively produce print results on the thermal paper by heating the print head.

The thermal printer driver needs to have the following key features.

  1. support the print command language used by thermal printers, such as ZPL, EPL, CPCL, etc., and can convert the print content into a printer language code that the thermal printer can recognize.

  2. include a large number of thermal printer driver files or common driver and configuration files, can support the mainstream brand of thermal printers.

  3. provide a wealth of thermal printer configuration options to produce clear print results.

  4. support the common functions of thermal printers.

  5. with strong thermal printing compatibility, you can choose to use different manufacturers of thermal paper without affecting the print quality.

  6. easy to use user interface, providing specific troubleshooting tips and help information.

  7. high integration of the driver, and operating system interaction without obstacles, to avoid frequent error reporting and ensure stability.


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