The Guangzhou International Epidemic-Prevention PWTC 2020

2021/10 zbmadmin 1015

Zonerich made its strong presence at "Guangzhou International Epidemic-Prevention Material and Equipment Fair" held at PWTC 2020 from June 10-11

Guangzhou International Epidemic Prevention Material and Equipment Fair at PWTC

After the pandemic situation got controlled in China, the first physical exhibition has been held in Guangzhou at poly world trade center PWTC and hence attracted a huge number of local and foreign visitors. Hundreds of companies participated in the exhibition ranging from medical based companies to the new entrants in the field of pandemic products. Representatives of every company enthusiastically presented complete range of products required for the handling of pandemic situation around the globe.


Innovative product range by for Pandemic prevention by "Zonerich"

As the epicenter of Covid-19 was China, various companies started to launch new products for its prevention. Soon it turned out to be a pandemic and China became the biggest manufacturer and exporter of these products. Zonerich also contributed in the development of unique and innovative products ranging from infrared thermometer to automatic sanitizer dispenser and advertising terminals with temperature control device and sanitizing dispenser. Zonerich exhibited its complete range at recent trade fair held at PWTC for promoting pandemic products to the locals and foreigners in China.

Because of a greater trend of huge shopping malls in the Gulf region, majority of the customers showed interest in Automatic sanitizer dispenser and Advertising terminal with automatic sanitizer dispenser. Also, customers from South America were enthusiastic for these two particular products.


Advertising terminal with automatic sanitizer dispenser function is a complete solution for Pandemic prevention. It has multiple features like IR thermometer sensor with printer (to get temperature reading receipt) and automatic sanitizer dispenser. We’re also offering free of cost cloud-based advertising broadcasting system for this device. So, it’s an outstanding option for the shopping malls, airports, cinemas, schools, hospitals, banks, huge organizations and other places where digital advertisements can be displayed.

Since South Asia region is a price sensitive market so, a lot of customers were keen to get more information regarding Infrared Thermometer and Automatic sanitizer dispenser with IR thermometer function. These products are very useful in corporate sectors and for domestic purposes as well.


Automatic sanitizer dispenser with IR thermometer function is one of our latest products. This device comes with a very compact and unique design. It not only avoids direct human contact but prevents cross infection as well.  It’s an excellent option for departmental stores, SME’s, banks etc.


We’ve got a wonderful response from our valued customers for all the latest products related to Pandemic prevention, specially our newly launched three in one terminal which includes a digital advertising screen, temperature check with receipt and hand sanitizer dispenser. PWTC fair has served as a huge platform for our new products and hence a source of boom in our sales. Zonerich is thankful to all of its esteemed customers for such a great response.


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